I have always been inspired by female choreographers and dancers making a difference and having a voice. Providing performance opportunities for these amazing women has always been a dream of mine, and now The Hartford Dance Collective is making it happen.

The Hartford Dance Collective Inc. is a qualified organization with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) under section 501(c)(3). Contributions for the purposes of The Hartford Dance Collective are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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Ron & Nancy Compton

Anthony Cusano

Jeff Frankel

Yueh-Ching Chung

Stephen Pier

Jessica Fuller

Edward J. Brys

The Auletta Family

Louise DeMattos

Tim & Nicki Foley

Sue Hartz

Tracy Auletta-Theirs

Emily Helin

Emory Campbell 

Darrigan DeMattos

Katie Stevinson-Nollet 

Asha Potter

Frances Fuller 

Erica T. Bryan 

Ty Lyons Graynor

Katherine Judge

Scott Wilson

Sadie Firstencel

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