February 1st, 2018: Art After Dark at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum

The Dance Collective paired 5 female choreographers with 5 female vocalists, set up in different sections of the museum. The artists who presented work were Lydia McClain, Jessica Ray, Mary Corso, Aliza Russell, Marjorie Gross, Asha Potter, Meredith Rose, Gwendolyn Gussman, Gabrielle Lakshmi, and Ali Kenner Brodsky.


December 31st, 2017: Year's End Hartford

The Dance Collective joins funk band Harsh Armadillo for a New Years Eve event at The Dirt Salon in Hartford, CT. Jillian Foley and Jane Krantz perform a duet choreographer by Kirsten Schranze as well as Kayla Hamilton performing a solo by Chris Ralph.


November 5, 2017: Hog River Brewing

The dancers surrounded the brewery highlighting work of various female choreographers and dancers including Jillian Foley, Jane Krantz, Katie Bittner, Abigail Corr, Marjorie Gross, Sheila Huggins, Frances Fuller, Meghan Dodd, and Dana Mazurowski.


November 4, 2017: 5x5 Dance Festival

Jillian Foley and Marjorie Gross presented their duet "23rd Street" at The 15th annual 5x5 Dance Festival in Hartford, CT.


September 23, 2017: Arts On Site Performance Party

Jillian Foley and Marjorie Gross presented their duet "23rd Street" at Arts On Site in New York City on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017.

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July 7, 2017: "She" at Proctors Theatre

“She” highlighted work of various female choreographers and dancers from across the United States. A bill consisting of solos, duets, and group performances; dancers took the stage, conveying themes of empowerment, strength, and more. The choreographic artists that presented work are Elizabeth Coker, Hannah Myers, Emory Campbell & Alex Bittner, Marjorie Gross & Jillian Foley, and Kirsten Schranze.