THE HARTFORD DANCE COLLECTIVE provides open class, rehearsal/event space in Hartford, CT, & curates performances for female dancers and choreographers.

Located in Hartford, CT, the Hartford Dance Collective shares professional contemporary dance with new audiences by providing performances in diverse locations. We aim to empower women to have a voice and an equal opportunity in dance by providing choreographic and leadership opportunities.

Professional contemporary dance should be seen by all walks of life. Dance should not just be made for the wealthy theater-goer. A performance in a casual atmosphere allows the audience proximity to the dancers and an opportunity to get caught up in the emotion and story line of each piece. Bringing dance to casual venues makes it more accessible and interesting for people and it exposes a wider audience to learn about and understand the expression of contemporary dance.


The ratio of men to women in professional dance is drastically uneven. There is a surplus of women in dance, allowing fewer job opportunities. Starting at young ages, boys will always be given a leading role, because they are often the only male in the class. They grow up knowing that they will always have a leading role, an opportunity to choreograph, and an opportunity to lead. Yet at the same time, women have to struggle in the corps and go to great lengths to even be seen at all. Because there are so many women in the dance world, women deserve more opportunities to dance, choreograph, and be leaders.

A note on gender:

When we started the Collective, a major goal of ours was - and still is - to advocate for female choreographers and dancers to give them opportunities within a male-dominated industry. That being said, we hold the belief that gender is fluid, and for some even undefinable. When we say “woman”, we use it as a term for anyone who relates or connects to being a woman in some way. We are aware that some women are more privileged than others. Trans women and women of color are underrepresented and may not have as many opportunities as others -  and it is extremely important for us to be a collective that represents ALL types of women. We realize the large scale of this issue and would love to work to create change in the arts community. The Collective is adamant about uplifting the voices and experiences of trans women and/or women of color, and it is important for us to stay open to finding ways to showcase their stories. As we continue on this endeavor, we continue to learn about what that might mean. Creating a safe and inclusive environment for ALL women is, and always will be, a priority to us.

The Hartford Dance Collective brings together incredible female artists to be leaders and to show the world what contemporary dance is all about.